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Zillow Adds Nine New Partners to Zillow Tech Connect Program

Jan 27, 2014

Zillow Inc. has announced the addition of nine new partners to Zillow Tech Connect, where technology providers can directly integrate and connect with Zillow to help brokers and agents be more productive and successful. New program participants are contact relationship management software companies, marketing systems or brokers: BombBomb, Commissions Inc., Contactually, planetRE, PlanPlus Online, Slacker by King of Casas, TORCHx, Wise Agent and ZipRealty. Zillow Tech Connect allows technology companies to partner with Zillow to integrate their systems for the successful brokers and agents who use Zillow as a key component of their marketing efforts—at no additional cost. These new partners will directly and easily connect their clients' Zillow leads into their company's contact relationship management, or CRM, systems. Zillow already offers its own contact management software, which is used by thousands of brokers and agents. However, Zillow recognizes that what is ultimately important is that brokers and agents use the process they are most comfortable with, and that it efficiently connects them to consumers ready to engage. "Zillow Tech Connect offers an open ecosystem for the real estate industry, which enables easier innovation and interoperability between systems. At Zillow, we want to support the various technology platforms real estate companies and professionals have heavily invested in," said Greg Schwartz, Zillow chief revenue officer. "Brokers, franchisors, teams and agents using Zillow Tech Connect partners' software can directly access and manage contacts from Zillow, which operates the largest real estate network on the Web, giving them more flexibility when using or choosing a CRM system." "Commissions Inc. chose to partner with Zillow to help our broker and agent teams increase their efficiency and conversions," said Commissions Inc.'s CEO Duane LeGate. "By integrating with Zillow, our clients will be able to work their leads in one place, eliminating manual data entry. Leveraging Zillow Tech Connect, we'll be able to immediately connect our broker and agent teams to homebuyers and sellers from Zillow."
Jan 27, 2014