Residential Home Funding to Make Use of Vantage Platform

February 3, 2014

Vantage Production LLC has announced the implementation of its Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) platform by Residential Home Funding of Parsippany, N.J. The VIP platform will provide Residential Home Funding with compliant, automated marketing programs, sophisticated borrower presentations, and advanced CRM capabilities that vastly improve loan origination results.
Residential Home Funding is a fast-growing, full-service mortgage banker that originated close to $1 billion in 2013 and is renowned for its focus on high service levels for its borrowers. The challenge Residential Home Funding found, as it grew to its current 32 branches in 11 states and the District of Columbia, was keeping service levels high while expansion continued. After conducting due diligence to evaluate CRM solutions, Residential Home Funding selected the Vantage Integrated Production platform.
“We wanted an integrated system that could drive our marketing efforts across all of our origination channels,” said Tom Marinaro, president of Residential Home Funding. “VIP will provide us with real-time integration with our loan origination system and our product and pricing engine. This will enable us to be more effective in our call center, our retail operations and our ‘Mortgages for Champions’ affinity business, as we work with customers all the way through the loan cycle,” said Marinaro. “When you have seamless capabilities that improve the process all the way from initial contact through to closing, you create borrower experiences that keep them coming back as their needs change and you win their referrals, as well. This is absolutely essential for Residential Home Funding as we grow our business,” he explained.
What you say is just as important as how you say it in the mortgage business, according to Paul Zoukis, CEO of Vantage Production. “Crafting targeted, meaningful content is critical in the contact process in order to turn leads into loans,” Zoukis said. “With VIP, Residential Home Funding can produce compelling, spot-on messaging that results in customer commitment and conveys information from their LOS and other systems. VIP gives them the platform they need to handle the complexity of multiple channels and increase the power of their brand message as they execute differentiated marketing programs,” he noted.
VIP is the product of years of development, specifically for the mortgage industry by highly experienced lending origination and technology professionals. The platform is built on a common database that integrates data from the lender’s LOS and other external and internal systems and leverages the industry’s best CRM technology in combination with advanced marketing, sales presentation and content modules. Lead management and marketing tools boost efficiency and message clarity, and powerful, personalized presentations are easily created to turn prospects into borrowers. Loan officers are able to work more effectively and originate more loans, as VIP handles the heavy lifting in the marketing and communications part of their jobs.
Residential Home Funding is launching VIP in stages, first implementing the CRM capabilities and automated marketing events through the consumer direct channel. The next step was to introduce VIP’s sales proposal and presentation features with compliant tracking capabilities. Additional sales automation and in-process loan communications are the final stage, cementing borrower relationships and heightening conversion results.
“We are proud to deliver these unique capabilities to Residential Home Funding and contribute to their success story,” said Zoukis. “Bringing technology, CRM, marketing and lending expertise together to benefit the industry and its customers is our mission, and it is more important now than ever before in today’s challenging lending environment.”