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CoreLogic releases anti-fraud engine

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

CoreLogic releases anti-fraud engineMortgagePress.comCoreLogic, IdentityPro, software engine

CoreLogic has released IdentityPro, a software engine that assesses a borrower's likelihood to commit the type of mortgage fraud most likely to cause financial loss by analyzing applicant behavior to reveal suspicious spending patterns.

"It's a more robust engine than other products out in the marketplace right now, because it goes beyond the basics of Social Security number verification and identifying misrepresentation," said Felice Kesselring, CoreLogic director of product development. "It diagnoses a borrower's buying and living patterns, looking for the type of activity that can be correlated to the risk associated specifically with fraud for profit."

Sacramento, Calif.-based CoreLogic is a provider of collateral risk-analysis and management technology and services to the U.S. mortgage banking industry. For more information, call (888) 288-2009 or visit

Mar 24, 2014