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InterBay Academy open for enrollment

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Mar 24, 2014

InterBay Academy open for enrollmentMortgagePress.comsmall commercial lending certification program, free

InterBay Funding launches online certification program
InterBay Funding LLC, a pioneer in stated income/asset small commercial lending, has announced that it has opened the doors to InterBay Academy. This new, free, online small commercial lending certification program is designed to provide comprehensive training to all brokers, regardless of experience. InterBay Academy is recruiting all mortgage professionals interested in generating additional revenue by serving the capital needs of small business owners and commercial property investors. And enrollment couldn't be easier at

"One of InterBay Academy's greatest assets is how it covers most topics applicable to small commercial lending from developing leads to structuring deals." says Thomas Brubaker, InterBay's vice president of marketing. "Seasoned veterans to novice brokers will all learn something because we cover the basics and so much more. This online training is all-inclusive and teaches every facet of the industry, not just the calculations and formulas necessary to structure a deal."

"We structured coursework to reflect varying levels of broker knowledge and experience, both residential and commercial," explains Mark A. Draganescu, InterBay vice presidenttraining director. "Courses strike a balance between providing the level of detail necessary for beginners with no redundancy for the more experienced users."

The framework showcases InterBay's years of experience closing small commercial loans. "Our skill and in-depth conversations with brokers, both during the loan process and in the field, shaped content and presentation," underscores Draganescu. "We will also continue to solicit feedback from enrollment to optimize the training. Our strategy is to provide the best possible learning."

The curriculum consists of seven easy-to-follow modules with accompanying assessments. Topics range from borrower profiles, pricing, commercial versus residential, communicating with the right prospect and qualifying leads, to closing techniques and commercial marketing strategies. When all module assessments have been taken and successfully passed, graduates will be awarded InterBay Academy certification and a special commencement kit, including many free offers, customized assistance and more.

Designed to offer practical and convenient training, InterBay Academy delivers first-rate instruction in an interactive, e-learning environment. According to the Sloan Consortium, a national survey from the country's largest association of organizations focused on online education, more and more people are enrolling in online courses than ever before. Online learners often hold additional employment and family responsibilities, as compared to the traditional student. Roughly 3.2 million students took at least one online course from a degree-granting institution during the fall 2005 term, the Sloan Consortium said. That's double the number who reported doing so in 2002.

"Our goal is to reach a broader audience of brokers nationwide," points out Brubaker. "Their work days are customarily fast-paced and extremely busy originating and closing loans. We're providing the flexibility to take coursework much like colleges and universities are doing with online degree programs. The Internet enables us to actually reach more brokers than ever before. We're reaching out to support the broker who has a very hectic day, but may want to take the time in the evening to go online and extend their continuing education."

Joe Eori believes integrity and training clearly distinguish InterBay Funding, "they're a straightforward, savvy lender that delivers," he says. As managing director of Sage Capital Group LLC, in Westboro, Mass., this seasoned broker says InterBay people are highly skilled and take what they do very seriously. "Without question, InterBay is the frontrunner in its training efforts," says Eori. "A stampede of residential brokers has entered commercial lending over the past few years and InterBay Academy will capably train the ones who really take it seriously and want to excel. The company highly values broker education and these courses take learning to the next level. This is a significant investment of time and dollars," he says. "Given their proven record with existing Webinars and seminars, InterBay Academy will provide brokers with what they need to win."

"InterBay Academy is a prime example of our continuing investment of resources to educate brokers, with rigorous coursework that results in a greater understanding of what we do, and certification," added Brubaker. "Through our coursework, graduates will learn more about small commercial lending and dedicate themselves to pursuing this lucrative market. We also want brokers to know that throughout the process we're with them every step of the way, from helping originate leads, to getting the deals closed."

InterBay Academy: The curriculum
InterBay Academy, a free online certification program, is now open for enrollment to better serve brokers interested in commercial lending. The curriculum consists of seven easy to follow modules with accompanying assessments:

Module 1: Introduction to InterBay
InterBay in the marketplace, borrower profile, support for you

Module 2: Delivering solutions on Main Street
Communicating with your prospects, asking the right questions, selling the solution

Module 3: The InterBay Loan Matrix
How to read the matrix, program highlights, and pricing options for you and your borrowers

Module 4: Getting your borrower pre-approved
Qualifying leads using InterBay's 1-2-3 application process

Module 5: The appraisal process
Commercial versus residential, process overview, estimating value, troubleshooting

Module 6: Closing loans faster and easier
The InterBay loan process, from application to closing

Module 7: Driving-in business
Basic and advanced small commercial marketing techniques

Upon successful completion, graduates will be awarded InterBay Academy certification and a commencement kit, including exclusive marketing materials. For more information on InterBay Academy, call (866) 468-3722 or visit

Mar 24, 2014