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Interthinx launches “Edu-tainment” Webisode series

National Mortgage Professional
Mar 24, 2014

Interthinx launches “Edu-tainment” Webisode seriesMortgagePress.comInterthinx, loan compliance, webisodes, FHA lending, fraud, Kristi Kennelly, Kevin Coop

Interthinx has launched a new, Web-based video series that combines levity with serious information for lenders about loan compliance. The series is made up of short "Webisodes" that use comedy to draw attention to important compliance information. The Interthinx team will first focus on FHA lending, fraud, and compliance. Interthinx is the leading provider of proven risk mitigation, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance for the residential mortgage industry and has a history of providing compelling video-based edu-tainment.

"As we have shown in the past with programs like Fraud Angels and FSI: Fraud Scheme Investigation, taking an out-of-the-ordinary approach to video communication can be significantly more effective," said Kristi Kennelly, director of marketing for Interthinx. "If you can't get a lender to tune into important messages relating to training, compliance and fraud, then your approach is ineffectual and lenders are left vulnerable. This is material they'll actually enjoy watching and will hopefully initiate quality assurance discussions and kick off training sessions."

The webisodes are parodies of old films with new, compliance-related storylines and dialogue replacing the original scripts. "Attack of the FHA Loan Files" is the first webisode of the series and is available now at Additional Webisodes from different film genres containing more specific information and compliance tips will follow every few weeks.

"Lenders understand that loan compliance is a serious issue and non-compliance can cut them out of a very valuable mortgage market," said Kevin Coop, CEO of Interthinx. "We need to get the attention of risk managers, other executives, and employees and let them know that loan quality is a complex and crucial matter that requires their attention. To be truly effective, we must do it in a way that informs them, entertains them, and motivates them to share information."

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Mar 24, 2014