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Lincoln Appraisal Launches New Appraisal Report Offering
Mar 25, 2014

Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services has released an appraisal report that offers more credible results at a competitive price-point. The LASS-O is a real appraisal, as opposed to less reliable, alternative valuation products currently offered in the lending and portfolio valuation arena. Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services’ appraisal valuation opinion report (LASS-O) is Web-based and is completed by a licensed/certified appraiser. It was developed over two years to meet a critical need for an appraisal report - at a competitive price point. LASS-O can be used for home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), portfolio valuations, loan acquisitions, due diligence purposes and non-government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) valuations. The LASS-O is a real appraisal, thereby reducing risk for financial institutions compared to the use AVM’s and BPOs. In addition, the LASS-O form is easy to navigate allowing the appraiser to be more efficient, and Lincoln Appraisal’s interactive web site allows lenders and clients to easily order and track the progress of all LASS-O orders. George K. Demopulos, MRICS, RA, SRA, president and chief valuations officer of Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, said: “We’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to perfecting this report, knowing we will have a chance to have a strong impact on the industry. We truly believe that the LASS-O will revolutionize the way appraisals are completed, and will help to reduce the risk to lenders at the same time.”