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LO Brian Hofmann Joins GSF Mortgage's Appleton Branch

Mar 27, 2014

GSF Mortgage has added Brian Hofmann as a loan originator to the firm's Appleton, Wis. branch. Hofmann will work under Mike Cox, Appleton branch manager. Hofmann comes to GSF with an extensive real estate background, which led him into the mortgage industry. He was a plumber for 10 years before he shifted into home inspections. From there, he transitioned into the appraisal industry for nine years. Hofmann enjoyed doing appraisals but felt it was constricting. In the mortgage industry, he has the flexibility to help in multiple states. With his background in appraisals and home inspections, he will be able to offer his customers a unique experience that most other loan officers cannot. Along with that, he is dedicated to educating his customers in order to ensure a smooth process. “Customer service and satisfaction is my number one priority,” said Hofmann. “I believe solid relationships, setting customer expectations up-front and open communication with all parties involved is essential to providing the best possible results.” “I’m very excited to have Brian Hofmann join my group," said Cox. "Brian has a lot of real estate knowledge to share with his clients. His past experiences will give him the competitive advantage he will need to be extremely successful in the mortgage business. Who wouldn’t want a past home appraiser, home inspector and plumber help them with one of the biggest investments of their life? He truly has a recipe for success."
Mar 27, 2014