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Mortgage Master Forms Loan Officer Concierge Service
Apr 23, 2014

Mortgage Master has announced it has formed a new internal team of professionals, which has a deep understanding of the mortgage process and functions including sales, operations, underwriting and closing, named "Loan Officer Concierge," dedicated to making the on-boarding process for new loan officers more efficient by offering value-added support and personal attention. New loan officers joining Mortgage Master are now able to continue to focus on serving clients and building business without any interruption, except for state licensing. Over the last four months, Mortgage Master has hired 46 experienced mortgage professionals. The Loan Officer Concierge team is working with all departments of Mortgage Master, including recruiting, human resources, marketing, information technology, scenarios and operations to facilitate a smooth transition for loan officers joining Mortgage Master throughout the United States. The mission of this team is to help new loan officers to focus 100 percent of their time and energy on serving clients and building business. “This enhanced on-boarding process demonstrates Mortgage Master’s commitment to offering the best possible support to loan officers so they can better serve their clients from day one,” said Paul Anastos, president of Mortgage Master. “Starting any new job can be stressful, but this team of professionals is in place to assist our newest loan officers on a personal, one-on-one level to make their transition easier. “Mortgage Master offers a unique opportunity to high quality loan officers. Our model, not only provides borrowers with the best possible pricing, solutions and service, it also empowers loan officers to increase their own production and income. “All new mortgage sales professionals face the same two questions on their first day at work when joining a new lender,” said Dan Rosenfeld,branch manager at Mortgage Master’s Simsbury, CT branch. “How fast can I start generating production? How do all of these new processing, underwriting, closing and pricing platforms work? Mortgage Master’s Loan Officer Concierge team was eager, and more importantly had the internal and industry knowledge to help me smoothly transition into my role and begin to immediately service my clients and build my pipeline. All my questions, some very specific underwriting or guideline questions and others very simple, were responded to quickly and answered accurately.” “My on boarding experience with Sean Steinhauer and Terri Sicilia was wonderful. They have a deep knowledge of all of the systems, know the investors nuances, and understand what a loan officer needs to learn to be successful at Mortgage Master. The Loan Officer Concierge team is reflective of Mortgage Master’s culture - they always go above and beyond to help not only new loan officers, but all employees. There is no doubt in my mind that the Loan Officer Concierge support capability made an immediate difference for me,” added Craig Achtzehn, area manager in Chicago.