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Eshna Ghosh to Lead Business Development at Wingspan
Apr 24, 2014

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has promoted industry veteran Eshna Ghosh to the newly created position of senior vice president for business development. Ghosh brings years of experience to Wingspan, and in her most recent role as vice president of business development, she was responsible for diversifying Wingspan’s client base and acting as a liaison between Wingspan and its clients. Ghosh is a multifaceted mortgage expert, having worked as a senior executive in servicing, secondary marketing and securitization, as well as on the origination side of the business. Prior to Wingspan, she worked for such renowned companies as Morgan Stanley, Accenture, and Robert Half International. Eshna received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Southern Methodist University. At Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, Ghosh continues to oversee Wingspan’s aggressive pursuit of new clients and expand current business lines. She reports to executive vice president for business development Susan Pettem. She continues to utilize all of Wingspan’s successes and operational expertise to grow current service lines and expand business opportunities. “Eshna has been an integral part of Wingspan’s success,” notes Wingspan President and CEO Steven Horne. “With our industry and regulatory environment constantly changing, her skills at opening doors and helping to grow our business lines have been extremely successful to the business development team.”