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Zillow Joins RESO

Apr 28, 2014

Zillow Inc. has announced that it has joined the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). As a member of RESO, Zillow will help inform the development of technology and data standards within the real estate industry. "Accurate and timely real estate data has always been a top priority for Zillow, and RESO has done a fantastic job spearheading an industry-wide effort to standardize data and improve collaboration," said Errol Samuelson, Zillow chief industry development officer. "Better and more widely adopted data standards mean increased data accuracy – and that benefits everyone from agents and brokers to buyers and sellers. We are proud to become a member and look forward to helping shape how the real estate industry handles data." RESO is a nonprofit group tasked with standardizing real estate data so that it can be used consistently by multiple listing services, vendors and third parties. Data standardization promotes data accuracy, consistency and availability across the industry, leading to reduced costs of real estate application development. Zillow has been actively working to create and implement real estate data standards since the company's inception. "I am thrilled to have Zillow join RESO and look forward to their support and participation in the important work that RESO is undertaking," said Rebecca Jensen, chair of RESO's Board of Directors. "Zillow's expertise and influence will be extremely valuable in ensuring that data standards continue to be adopted throughout the industry."
Apr 28, 2014