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HomeBridge Expands Across Pennsylvania With Five New Additions

Jun 03, 2014

HomeBridge Financial Services Inc. continues to recruit skilled mortgage professionals for its growing Pennsylvania branch locations in Allentown, Chambersburg and York, Pa. With a diverse product line and a nationally-recognized expertise in renovation lending, something of particular importance to Pennsylvania’s aging housing market, HomeBridge has quickly become a trusted source for the needs of borrowers and builders both in and outside the state. In the last 25 years, HomeBridge has expanded to include more than 70 offices across the country, including additional Pennsylvania locations in Harrisburg, Lancaster and Lehighton. HomeBridge’s expertise in renovation lending gives it a clear advantage in the Pennsylvania housing market. Approximately 60 percent of the homes in Pennsylvania were built prior to 1970, many of which have begun to show significant signs of wear or have fallen out-of-date in terms of amenities. While many mortgage firms do not offer renovation lending products due to the intricacies involved in process, HomeBridge’s in-house Renovation Lending Concierge Service supervises the entire process, including contractor payments, so everything stays on track. HomeBridge’s dedication to customer service and the promotion of renovation lending has made it one of the highest ranked producers of renovation mortgages nationwide, Associates joining HomeBridge in Pennsylvania include: ►Bruce Miller: Allentown, Pa. ►Cecilia Sensenig: Chambersburg, Pa. ►Christi Tollinger: York, Pa. ►Lisa Warner: York, Pa. ►Thomas Berridge: York, Pa. “HomeBridge’s growth in Pennsylvania has been exceptional in the last year. In addition being able to assist buyers with loans both here and across the country, our associates are local market experts that truly understand the needs of Pennsylvania’s home buyers, home owners and the local building community,” said Steven Siegel, HomeBridge’s manager for the Central Pennsylvania region. “Few companies have the experience with renovation lending that HomeBridge has, which is something desperately needed in order to attract younger buyers to the aging housing market here in Pennsylvania.”
Jun 03, 2014