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Zillow Launches New Performance-Focused Marketing Solution

Jun 17, 2014

Zillow, Inc. has announced the launch of Zillow Rent Connect, a performance-focused marketing solution that will transform the way multifamily property management marketers connect with future residents. The foundation of Zillow Rent Connect is high-quality, certified contacts from the Zillow Rental Network coupled with elite service for multifamily marketers. Zillow Rent Connect listings will be seen across the Zillow Rental Network, the largest rental network on the Web, comprised of the millions of rental shoppers on Zillow.com, Yahoo! and HotPads. In addition, 15 million rental shoppers come to Zillow rental sites each month and Zillow operates two of the most popular and top-rated rental apps across iOS and Android. Each contact through Zillow Rent Connect is designed to be a real inquiry from a real person, with a name, email address and phone number. The Zillow Rent Connect contact generation process is SOC 3-certified by Ernst & Young, which means that the technology provides multifamily property management marketers with only high-quality contacts, saving time and money. Zillow Rent Connect also offers real-time inventory and pricing. In partnership with property management solutions, unit availability and pricing are updated in real time, resulting in accurate inquiries from future residents. "Zillow Rent Connect starts with our relentless commitment to contact quality. We are about transparency and reducing the friction in the new resident process," said Greg Schwartz, chief revenue officer at Zillow. "Contact generation is based on a consumer requesting to connect with your building and is not generated through deceptive merchandising, which means each generated contact is unique and not duplicated." In addition, Zillow Rent Connect provides the following powerful set of tools for multifamily marketers: Property Management Software Integration. The Zillow Rent Connect API automatically feeds high-quality, certified contacts to property management software, eliminating the need to manually enter contacts. Elite Level of Service. A dedicated account manager will help set up listings, monitor performance and perform monthly content audits to ensure marketers are getting the most out of the Zillow Rental Network.
Jun 17, 2014
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