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Hope LoanPort Launches New National Homeownership Solutions Platform

Sep 18, 2014

Hope LoanPort (HLP) has launched the National Homeownership Solutions Platform (NHP). IndiSoft, a leading technology provider for the financial, healthcare and legal industries, is HLP’s key partner and provides the engine that drives NHP. The new platform will feature IndiSoft’s RxOffice, which enables disparate parties to communicate and transact online and in real-time. Building on the capabilities that made HLP the model technology platform in the National Mortgage Settlement, the NHP integrates a full case management system, document management system and connectivity with servicers, lenders and investors in a software-as-a-service model. Once completed, the NHP will support a full range of housing cases and products, including pre-purchase, post-purchase, post-modification, early intervention outreach, foreclosure prevention, short sale/deed-in-lieu, state foreclosure mediation, bankruptcy mediation and reverse mortgages. “This is a game-changing intiative geared toward unifying the efforts of multiple sectors and stakeholders,” said Camillo Melchiorre, president and CEO of HLP. “Too often, past efforts have focused on addressing individual pieces of these complex transactions and, sadly, have left families stranded at different stages in the process. By engaging the advocacy, counseling, servicing and lending and investor communities, we are building a common, unified platform that allows for a clear, seamless path through all phases of the homeownership process.” The formal launch of this platform also comes at a critical time for the counseling and advocacy community. Nonprofit counselors face an environment of declining funding and increasing requirements for technological sophistication and security. NHP offers gives counselors the tools they need to address these needs and to also increase productivity, lower operating costs and enhance the client experience. By eliminating these worries, NHP allows counselors to focus on their core competencies of working with individuals and families to achieve and sustain their goal of homeownership. “We are proud to support HLP’s mission and to have RxOffice power the NHP platform,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and founder of IndiSoft. “We will be making significant, sustained investments in continuing to improve this platform in the coming years. “We will continue to devote a significant amount of time and resources as well as sustained investments to enhance and improve this iimportant platform in the coming years.” The breadth and depth of the platform’s capabilities has been steadily growing over the past three years through a series of key partnerships that include industry leaders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae. Mark Cole, executive vice president of HLP said, “HLP has always been unique because it is a collaborative effort between the key stakeholders—non-profit counselors, the servicing sector and government. Being a national, neutral non-profit organization allows us to listen to all the parties and build solutions that support homeowners and incorporate the unique needs of all stakeholders.”
Sep 18, 2014