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Pro Teck Chief Appraiser Jeff Dickstein Appointed to Appraisal Congress
Sep 11, 2014

Pro Teck Valuation Services announced that its chief appraiser, Jeff Dickstein, has been appointed to serve on the Five Star Institute’s National Appraisal Congress (NAC). The NAC The National Appraisal Congress is the newest Five Star Institute member organization, established as a vehicle to positively impact the residential valuation and appraisal industry. This organization was created to serve the needs of appraisal professionals and companies by facilitating problem solving, policymaking, education and advocacy.  “In this heightened regulatory and risk environment, it is important to have an open discussion regarding policies and best practices. I look forward to serving on Five Star’s National Appraisal Congress to engage with industry leaders and policy makers,” said Jeff Dickstein, chief appraiser of Pro Teck Valuation Services. “On behalf of Pro Teck, I am honored to be a part of the dialogue to address critical issues facing the appraisal industry.”