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Corcoran Partners With Equation
Aug 22, 2014

Corcoran Consulting and Coaching announced that it has teamed up with Equator. Corcoran Consulting & Coaching will be offering complimentary monthly educational Webinars to Equator’s 481,000 registered agents. “We are honored to be in collaboration with Equator as we continue to provide value-added services to real estate professionals in the REO and short sale industries,” said Bubba Mills, executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching. “I’ve known Bubba for years and have had the pleasure of speaking on conference panels with him back in our days of REO Asset Management. Bubba has coached hundreds of agents in the Multiple Pillar business model with the slowdown of REO and Short Sales,” says Mia Semo, manager, agent relationship at Equator. “Bubba’s insight into the life of an asset manager is very real and he tells you what your asset manager won’t. His boldness and straightforwardness adds a refreshing twist to the learning and coaching environment.”  “We are pleased to invite Bubba Mills as a guest for some of our upcoming webinars. Bubba’s ties to the agent community, history in the servicing environment, long time use of Equator and experience as a coach with Corcoran Consulting & Coaching provide him with insight and perspective that attendees will find valuable to their business,” says Ashley Bean, director of Real Estate Operations at Equator.