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FICS Launches Web and Mobile Servicer Upgrade
Oct 20, 2014

Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc. (FICS) has announced the release of the third generation of its residential loan servicing software, Mortgage Servicer Version 8.00. Leveraging more advanced technology capabilities, FICS has created a completely rewritten infrastructure to improve customer experience and provide new innovations in line with the industry’s latest trends.

One of the most significant benefits to servicers is the rich user interface and more clearly defined workflows, which provide a more streamlined experience and simplified navigation throughout the servicing process. The latest version of Mortgage Servicer also boasts shareable services, which can be used through FICS’ desktop, web services and online products to enable greater interoperability and portability, heightened security and easier installation.

Beta testers praised the system’s streamlined processes and advanced user interface.

“Our employees are highly pleased with the latest version of Mortgage Servicer and look forward to continuing to grow with the platform moving forward,” said Don Pfost, vice president of Aurora Financial Group Inc. “ Mortgage Servicer, Version 8.00 has helped us improve efficiency by providing enhanced flexibility and valuable services to assist our servicers every step of the way.”

“Having worked with FICS for more than 14 years, we are continually impressed with the organization’s approach to innovation as new capabilities are introduced to the industry,” said Steve Bradshaw, executive vice president of Standard Mortgage. “With the launch of the new Mortgage Servicer leveraging the .NET Framework, FICS has once again gone out of its way to provide its partners with the latest innovations and tools to best support today’s mortgage environment. We were impressed when we first became customers during the migration from the legacy DOS based system to Microsoft Windows. Now 14 years later, FICS has done it again and provided the next generation system to its existing customers at no cost. That’s a real partnership.”

Mortgage Servicer, Version 8.00 is built using .NET Framework and Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for the redesigned user interface. With the introduction of shareable services leveraging the .NET Framework, Mortgage Servicer is now highly configurable and capable of scaling at all three tiers. Additionally, FICS has improved the update process through the use of ClickOnce deployment. 

In addition to the launch of Mortgage Servicer, version 8.00, FICS has also introduced eStatus Connect, a residential mortgage information portal enabling borrowers and investors to easily access their residential loan information through a number of convenient methods. The demand for convenient access by borrowers and investors has evolved. eStatus Connect offers direct access via the Web, a mobile application (Android, iOS), an API for use with third party management systems, and the option for single sign-on through home banking systems. eStatus Connect integrates directly with Mortgage Servicer to provide real-time mortgage loan information for investors and borrowers.  With eStatus Connect, servicers can instantly share statements and documents electronically with their borrowers and send specific messages to be read upon logging in. Servicers can also send automated email messages to borrowers from within Mortgage Servicer regarding new statements or notices, which borrowers can view through the added convenience of a mobile app.

“With Mortgage Servicer, Version 8.00, we’ve taken the proven elements of our existing product and combined those with greater convenience and technology to enhance the capabilities and results we provide our customers,” said Susan Graham, president and COO of FICS. “Complementing our consistent dedication to superior customer service, the increased functionality of Mortgage Servicer and eStatus Connect will provide servicers with a valuable method for managing all of their servicing needs quickly and easily, while borrowers will appreciate the flexible options for access to their mortgage loan information.”

Oct 20, 2014