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Allstate Appraisal and Bradford Technologies Partner on New Valuation Offering
Oct 24, 2014

Allstate Appraisal and Bradford Technologies have launched Valuation Express, a new desktop appraisal product incorporating a third party inspection of the property. Valuation Express reports are prepared by licensed and certified appraisers with local market knowledge and expertise, using traditional and statistical analysis to support the subject property’s value. These reports are significantly better and of higher quality than those provided by BPOs and AVMs, which unlike Valuation Express reports, are not completed by licensed appraisers and do not use statistical analysis to support the value conclusion. Valuation Express reports offer a significant savings over traditional full appraisal reports which makes it a viable alternative for use in non-first trust deed transactions that do not warrant the cost of a full or drive-by appraisal.

“The market needs alternatives that provide the strength and accuracy of an appraiser-driven valuation but without the time and expense of a full appraisal” said Steven Albert, president of Allstate Appraisal. “The Valuation Express report provides the right balance of quality and expertise of the local appraiser at the price points lenders require. This is exactly the solution our clients have been asking for.”

Valuation Express reports are available exclusively through Allstate Appraisal. Appraisers on Allstate Appraisal’s panel can produce the Valuation Express report using Bradford Technologies’ CompCruncher software.

“We are thrilled to be working with Allstate Appraisal. With their history of success in the appraisal industry and the new, unique Valuation Express appraisal product, they are well positioned to effectively compete in the expanding market for alternative valuations,” said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies. “These alternative desktop products open up opportunities for all appraisers in new markets that can augment their traditional business.”

Oct 24, 2014