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CoesterVMS Integrates with a la mode’s Mercury Vendor Management Portal
Oct 20, 2014

CoesterVMS, a nationwide provider appraisal management and technology, has integrated its Cloud Control appraisal management service into a la mode’s Mercury Vendor Management Portal. Mercury users are now able to use the system to place appraisal orders into the CoesterVMS platform. Lenders are tasked with managing the compliance and regulatory requirements associated with firewalls used to protect systems and information. One of the ways to ensure the methods used for a specific process are predictable and repeatable is to use automation. This drastically decreases the possibility of error.

“This is an intuitive next step in the evolution of automating valuations,” said Brian Coester, CEO of CoesterVMS. “Mercury is a great platform and we believe this relationship will be very productive as it creates additional efficiencies in the industry.”

More than 600 of the country’s largest lenders and appraisal management companies use the Mercury Network with more than 20,000 appraisal deliveries a day powered by the network.

“We are always looking for ways to improve and streamline our operations through automation,” said Corey Dubnoff, chief administrative officer of American Financial Resources Inc., a lender that has recently started using Mercury and has been on CoesterVMS’ systems for three years. “Mercury and Coester offer great solutions and having the two integrated will help us improve how we respond to our customers as we have built a significant part of our valuation process into their systems.”

Oct 20, 2014