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TrakLogix Announces Extra Cloud Security and Adds Blogger Barbara Eubanks to Its Ranks
Oct 31, 2014

TrakLogix and Mindstorm Media have partnered together to offer banks, lenders, appraisal managment companies (AMCs) and appraisers alike a solution to help meet today's ever-changing regulatory guidelines. TrakLogix, a product offered by LendLogix, is an appraisal management software, customized to individual clients to manage their appraisals from origination to delivery, while maintaining compliance.  TrakLogix has hired blogger Barbara Eubanks from Mindstorm Media to focus her efforts on updating individuals of the mortgage industry's latest headlines. 

Eubanks has published articles for AppraisalPro, releases monthly newsletters on industry news, and runs her own blog on BiggerPockets. She is looking forward to the opportunity for her followers to have new sites to read the latest regulatory updates.

"When I first talked to Barbara, it was clear she had a strong following of lenders and appraisers that read her work," said Gary Bryan, national director of sales for LendLogix. "She creates a personal relationship with them, and actively works to understand their concerns and questions in the industry. She came to us with a new trend in the blogs regarding cloud security. This was wonderful for us to hear, as TrakLogix is compliant with SSAE 16, that adds extra security for our customers. She is a dedicated person, that builds relationships with everyone that reads her updates. With TrakLogix rapidly expanding, it was clear we needed to bring aboard someone who would listen and respond to the general public. TrakLogix has prided itself on always having personal account managers, and now we have a personal news manager."

TrakLogix has successfully completed its independent audit to be compliant with SSAE 16. The greatest benefit TrakLogix's customers will see from this is a new sense of security. SSAE 16 helps prevent the sort of breaks that happen with cloud data. With TrakLogix in compliance with SSAE 16 standards, their customers have a new benefit of not having to worry about the security of their information, and private notes on their cloud-based platform.

"Many appraisal management software companies offer cloud-based platforms, so that customers can access their dashboard from anywhere. TrakLogix wanted to take it a step further and ensure our customers that their information was secure," said TrakLogix CEO Jared Bonner.

Eubanks graduated from Guilford College with a degree in research psychology. She states that her constant analyses of data throughout school is what prompted her to become involved in the mortgage industry.

"I wanted a way that I could continue to show the public different trends in markets and numbers, and how they affect legislation," said Eubanks. "I truly believe that this partnership between Mindstorm Media and TrakLogix will help educate more people of the mortgage industry. My hope is that lenders, AMCs, and appraisers alike will better understand how to stay compliant, and know what trends are developing in the market."

Oct 31, 2014