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RealtyTrac Expands Lead Generation Platform
Nov 20, 2014

RealtyTrac has announced the launch of its expanded MEGA Lead Generation Platform allowing customers to mine RealtyTrac’s nationwide real estate data on more than 118 million U.S. properties and create targeted marketing lists in a convenient and intuitive online interface.

“Previously our customers have been able to mine RealtyTrac’s proprietary foreclosure data to create targeted mailing lists of distressed property owners, a list already highly useful to a diverse set of industry verticals, including agents, brokers, investors and attorneys,” said Jamie Moyle, CEO at RealtyTrac. “But that dataset was frankly a drop in the bucket compared to what is available now. We’ve exponentially expanded the available universe of properties from around one million previously to more than 118 million now, and added scores of new property attributes to enable even more powerful lead filtering. This opens up myriad new marketing list applications for virtually every type of business looking to market its products and services to a specific subset of U.S. property owners.”

Free registration gives customers full access to the expanded MEGA Lead Generation Platform so they can create customized lists on the fly with the counts of available records updated in real time. Customers pay per property record downloaded, and can preview the number of records that match their criteria before downloading.

“Our customers have been clamoring for this expanded real estate dataset for quite some time, and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide it to them,” said Tyler White, director of data solutions at RealtyTrac. “Along with the data itself, the new platform incorporates dozens of filters to help customers precisely target the best candidates for their services, saving money on lead generation while increasing the response rate on their direct mail campaigns."

Nov 20, 2014