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Inaugural Class Graduates From the Churchill Mortgage Academy
Nov 18, 2014

Churchill Mortgage has announced that the inaugural class of next generation mortgage professionals has completed its employee training program, the Churchill Mortgage Academy (CMC Academy). The lender is now seeking participants for its next class, which will begin in the spring of 2015. The CMC Academy is coordinated out of Churchill’s headquarters in Brentwood, Tenn. and aims to support the unique needs of younger homebuyers, while strengthening relationships with existing customers. After an evaluation, selected participants engage in an eight-month training program, where they gain essential mortgage knowledge from industry professionals and receive on-hand training from current employees. Upon successful completion of the academy, participants become licensed home loan specialists.

“For the younger generation, the home buying process can be downright intimidating,” said Seth Bellas, a graduate of Churchill’s academy and now a home loan specialist. “But the Churchill Mortgage Academy provides training and on-the-job experience that teaches you how to communicate with the borrower and make the experience enjoyable.”

Foster Kelly, another graduate of the academy, said, “I thought it was an exceptional opportunity to go through a rigorous training program and really learn the mortgage industry. During my training, several senior loan officers told me that just by going through the program, I’m leagues ahead of where they were when they first started. That created a confidence in me to do my very best.”

“Younger homebuyers approach home buying much differently than previous generations, but they still want to own a home,” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “In fact, nearly three-fourths of consumers 18-34 plan to buy a home within the next several years, making it imperative that our mortgage professionals appropriately identify and address their unique concerns and home-buying needs. We’re thrilled with the success of our first CMC Academy and look forward to our next class in 2015.”

Nov 18, 2014