Ellie Mae Launches AllRegs Market Clarity 3.0

February 26, 2015

Ellie Mae has announced the release of AllRegs Market Clarity 3.0, a new version of its business information tool featuring new search functions and improved navigation. The new version includes a powerful new user interface that lets users compare and contrast more than 3,000 loan products from 95 different investors, giving them better insight on the differences between products and investors.

Market Clarity is a business information tool for the mortgage banking industry that helps lenders and investors manage risk, identify market opportunities and maintain a competitive edge. The tool is Web-based and features product templates and detailed investor guidelines. It is part of the AllRegs by Ellie Mae product line, created following Ellie Mae’s acquisition of AllRegs in October 2014.

"Market Clarity’s expanded search capabilities and its improved navigation make it an indispensable tool for lenders and investors alike,” said Jeff Hoerster, vice president and general manager for AllRegs by Ellie Mae solutions. “Our new loan product overlay search makes it easier than ever for users to truly analyze loan programs side by side and see exactly how they differ. Users of Market Clarity have the ability to review the full set of product guidelines for each investor with whom they are an approved Seller/Servicer. Additionally, users may also review a redacted set of guidelines for those investors participating in the market with whom they do not yet have a business relationship, making the tool especially useful in keeping an eye on what competitors are offering.”

In addition to a more streamlined, intuitive user interface and the new loan product overlay search tool, Market Clarity 3.0 now lets users track changes to loan product guidelines over time. This allows lenders in particular to stay up to date with ever-changing requirements and underwrite loans correctly based on real-time information.

“With Market Clarity, lenders can access the latest investor requirements, enabling them to avoid mistakes in the underwriting process and reduce buyback risk,” Hoerster said.