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Comergence Announces Partnership With the National Association of Appraisers
Mar 04, 2015

Comergence has announced that it has formed a relationship with the National Association of Appraisers (NAA), an  association representing professional appraisers in multiple disciplines in all parts of the United States. 

"We’re delighted to be working with the real property appraisal segment of the NAA,” said Greg Schroeder, president of Comergence. “The association adds great value for appraisers, with educational programs and advocacy to boost professionalism and increase member marketability throughout the real estate finance community.”

Comergence will work with the NAA to help NAA members increase credibility and visibility among the country’s appraisal management companies (AMCs) and lenders, offering its services to NAA members at a discount. The company’s proprietary REALM for Appraisers is a service where appraisers pay a low annual fee to set up a single online profile that can be shared electronically with any AMCs and lenders they choose.

“REALM for Appraisers saves appraisers the time and expense of having to submit themselves to multiple background checks and verification every time they want to work with a new or existing partner, whether it’s a lender or AMC,” Schroeder said.

Status changes are immediately provided to AMCs and lenders, delivering ongoing insight and the ability to effectively manage their relationships and help ensure compliance. REALM for Appraisers also provides lenders and AMCs with online tools to efficiently and cost-effectively meet regulatory requirements.

“As an advocate for appraisers, NAA is happy to work with Comergence,” said Laurie Egan, president of the NAA. “The issue of appraisers being required to submit to multiple background checks has become enormous. Our initial goal for this alliance is to make a service available that would help relieve the burden of the cost and time associated with background checks to our members. We believe our real estate appraisers will also like the convenience and portability of Comergence’s services and it will help them do more business, more efficiently.”

Mar 04, 2015