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RealtyTrac Launches Enhanced Marketing List Lead Generation Platform

National Mortgage Professional
Oct 01, 2015
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RealtyTrac has announced the launch of its enhanced Marketing List Lead Generation Platform, allowing customers to leverage RealtyTrac’s nationwide real estate data on more than 120 million U.S. residential and commercial properties to create targeted marketing lists in a convenient, self-service online interface.

“With RealtyTrac’s proprietary real estate intelligence and extensive mailing list development, you get the data segmentation and modeling information you need to precisely target your outreach and fuel customer acquisition and retention,” said Rob Barber, CEO at RealtyTrac. “Users can find homeowners nationwide based on geographic and demographic characteristics.  This opens up numerous new marketing list applications for virtually every type of business looking to market its products and services to a specific subset of U.S. property owners.”

Registered users can create customized lists in real time with the counts of available records updated daily. Customers pay per property record downloaded, and can preview the number of records that match their criteria before downloading.

“More important than the vast size of our dataset is the quality of our data,” said Kevin Kerley, director of data solutions at RealtyTrac. “While many data providers merely resell third-party lists, we collect data from a broad range of sources. Our lead generation platform allows you to target new homeowners, renters, high-income households, and countless other demographics. The ability to create and refine a list of targeted leads makes our Marketing List platform the perfect tool for retailers, financial service firms, Realtors, and other business owners.”

Target customers via e-mail or telephone with targeted mailing lists featuring:

►Current property status information (owner-occupied, rental, investor-owned)

Loan-to-value (LTV), current market value and assessed value

Detailed loan information (interest rate type, loan type, lender, lien position)

More than 400 property attributes (property type, lot size, year built, bed/bath count)

Key demographic characteristics (30+ including age, income, children and more)

Enhance existing data - RealtyTrac can match existing files against assessor and recorder data information to append valuable data

Oct 01, 2015
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