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NMP’s Mortgage Technology Providers Directory
Jan 11, 2016

Actualize Consulting
Phone #:
(703) 727-2356 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: TRIDenTool and TransformX: Navigating the Mortgage Manufacturing Process.
Why clients love the company: Actualize provides a high level of mortgage market expertise to our clients.
Description of products offered: TRIDenTool seamlessly produces compliant Integrated Disclosure Regulation forms. This user-friendly tool performs required calculations and guides you through creation of the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms.

TransformX is a smart data utility that can handle all TRID investor needs, providing quick, easy and cost-effective compliance with GSE UCD requirements. The utility creates UCD XML and the PDF version of the form in MISMO 3.3.1 format.

Actualize services support clients with Capital Markets, Mortgage and Fixed Income business needs.

Phone #:
(800) 660-7183 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: Our award-winning technology uses two U.S. patents for document recognition.

Why clients love the company: DocVelocity can eliminate up to 80 percent of labor costs and ensure compliance.
Description of products offered: Capsilon provides comprehensive cloud-based document and data management solutions that enable mortgage lenders, investors and servicers to increase productivity and lower costs, while ensuring compliance. The company’s flagship product, Capsilon DocVelocity, is a document imaging and data capture platform built specifically to address the needs of large mortgage companies.

Capsilon Professional Services helps to implement DocVelocity to meet each customer’s unique business goals, and for ensuring that every customer realizes the full potential of DocVelocity for maximum return on investment.

Phone #:
(800) 815-5592 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: SaaS efficiency … D+H does the regulatory updates and software enhancements for you!
Why clients love the company: Streamlined implementations, responsive service with zero hardware costs.
Description of products offered: D+H’s end-to-end Mortgagebot online lending and origination solution helps you sharpen your competitive edge to attract borrowers, simplify compliance to minimize risk, and optimize back-office processing through post-closing to boost profitability. D+H works with the customer to configure a solution to your lending footprint and will help you achieve quick success through a proven implementation process.

DocMagic Inc.
Phone #: (800) 649-1362 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: Integrated security infrastructure, processing power, scalability and storage.

Why clients love the company: DocMagic is dedicated to serving its customers and keeping them compliant.
Description of products offered: For more than 25 years, DocMagic has been the leading provider of end-to-end document preparation, delivery and compliance solutions for the mortgage industry. Dedicated to providing the tools and technology for survival in today's complex regulatory environment, DocMagic continues to advance innovative products and eService solutions for over 10,000 customers nationwide. With the development of an automated collaborative closing portal and TRID-compliant solutions, DocMagic continues to build a reputation for innovation, quality, and customer service.

Global DMS
Phone #:
(877) 866-2474 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: Global DMS's eTrac is the most robust appraisal management platform available.
Why clients love the company: Global DMS's configurable workflow automation allows more efficient process management.
Description of products offered: Global DMS's flagship product, eTrac, is a Web-based, single-source valuation management platform that centralizes and compliantly automates all aspects of the valuation process from vendor management to orders, assignments, tracking, accounting, delivery, reviews and sells.

Global DMS's companion products include MARS, Global DMS’s proprietary automated review system, Global Kinex, Global Communicator,, AMC State Regulations, AVM/data analytics products, BPO management solutions, eTrac ATOM mobile applications, and more.


Hallmark Home Mortgage
Phone #:
(260) 469-0900 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: Virtual Loan Officer demystifies the loan application process.
Why clients love the company: Hallmark Home Mortgage’s communication tools and local decision-making gets clients to closing faster.
Description of products offered: Virtual Loan Officer puts the loan officer in front of the customer in a virtual setting to guide them through the application process. This advantage works to reduce the possibility of delays so we can get straight to closing. With products ranging from conventional and FHA, to investment and new construction, to VA and Dr. Loan Programs, Hallmark’s technology and products help the company stand out in a crowd.


Ignite Integration Solutions Inc.
Phone #:
(516) 802-7170 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: Ignite Integration Solutions develops custom integrations for the Encompass system utilizing the SDK.
Why clients love the company: Clients appreciate Ignite Integration’s mortgage expertise and custom development combination.
Description of products offered: The company’s suite of products include: Data Replication Tool, Data Import Tool, Auto Folder Transfer, Warehouse Export Tools, Data Warehouse, Reporting Database, Servicing Integrations, Network Performance and Custom Integrations.

LoanTek Inc.
Phone #:
(888) 562-6835 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: All the cool pricing engine tools from mobile mortgage Web shopping to lock desk.
Why clients love the company: LoanTek turns leads into loans and bundles all the services you use for one low price.
Description of products offered: LoanTek offers the services you need: Best execution pricing, lock desk management, CRM, lead management and custom Web site integrations.

Attract and convert new clients using interactive consumer facing pricing applications. LoanTek’s applications present interactive mortgage shopping experiences in CRM responses, Web site plug-ins, mobile apps and lead management. The end result … ‘sticky’ consumer experiences that build trust and validation online; they’re highly converting and economical. If these sound like services you’d like to know more about, visit


MortgageFlex Systems Inc.
Phone #: (800) 326-3539 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: MortgageFlex offers the latest, most secure technology available today.

Why clients love the company: MortgageFlex’s sole focus is the mortgage industry and is dedicated to its customers.
Description of products offered: MortgageFlex's loan origination system, LoanQuest, provides lenders a cost-effective, compliant lending solution that is easily accessible for branch personnel, remote originators and consumers. One system and one database with three access portals, guarantee lenders and borrowers all get the same information at the same time.

Founded to simplify lending in 1980, MortgageFlex holds true to that course 35 years later. Find out today how MortgageFlex can help you focus on your real business—Lending.


Phone #: (510) 663-7016 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: Real-time, new customer mortgage leads right into your CRM system, e-mail/text.
Why clients love the company: MortgageLeads.Loans delivers real-time, high-quality new customers mortgage leads that close.
Description of products offered: MortgageLeads.Loans is a leader in generating Web, mobile, social media and pay-per-call mortgage leads.


NAN Software
Phone #: (813) 749-8849 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: NAN Software is transforming an industry with its disruptive technology.
Why clients love the company: NAN Software designs solutions to drive performance for its clients.
Description of products offered: AppraisalQPM is NAN’s flagship product, which not only provides the platform to place and manage appraisal orders, review appraisals and track performance from end to end, but will digest and leverage data and advanced analytics to allow appraisers, originators, lenders and investors the ability to drive operational and financial performance improvements in a compliant manner.

Phone #: (800) 585-0207 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: Protelus does everything … installs, configures and operates a complete CRM system.
Why clients love the company: Protelus costs less and makes them more than any attempt to do it themselves.
Description of products offered: Protelus provides a complete turn-key marketing system and can help your operations department with process automation. Protelus created and is still the only company that can do fully-automated real-time loan status updates. Protelus builds a complete and accurate client database for you from your LOS. The company can move your LOS data in real-time. Protelus automates and operates your sales campaigns for you, and write the materials for every campaign and personalize every piece of content for each loan officer.

Phone #:
(866) 376-5540 ♦ Web site:

Why techies love the company: TagQuest can integrate with any system, any time anywhere.
Why clients love the company: TagQuest is a one-stop shop for all direct marketing needs.
Description of products offered: TagQuest offers call tracking, lead tracking, lead posting, direct mail, Internet leads, pre-screened credit data, mortgage trigger leads, mortgage insights, custom data lists, live transfers, online marketing, e-mail marketing and custom printing … all under one roof.


Titan List & Mailing Services Inc.
Phone #: (800) 544-8060 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: For the ability to offer turn-key direct mail programs under one roof.
Why clients love the company: For Titan List & Mailing Services’ commitment to integrity and customer service.
Description of products offered: Complete data, direct mail facility and marketing consultants.


Phone #: (844) 222-1266 ♦ Web site:
Why techies love the company: TitleClose is disruptive technology for the title and closing industry.
Why clients love the company: Closing agents master TRID using TitleClose’s collaborative settlement platform.
Description of products offered: TitleClose facilitates the settlement process with its collaborative platform. The company provides accurate settlement fees from closing agents nationwide, recording fees, and tax information by product and zip code. TRID-calculated fees are populated directly onto a downloadable Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure. TitleClose is available online or on-the-go with its mobile app and its mobile-optimized Web site. Throw out your spreadsheets and manage your vendor network on TitleClose.

Jan 11, 2016
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