Zillow and NAR Offer New Marketing Outreach

Zillow and NAR Offer New Marketing Outreach

February 15, 2016

Two leading entities in the housing world have unveiled new marketing endeavors to promote their respective agenda.

Zillow has unveiled a new national advertising campaign called "Home" that features people sharing their thoughts on what makes the concept of a home special to them. The campaign, which is directed by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, consists of eight television spots that will be broadcast over the spring and summer; radio, print and digital versions of the advertisements are also being planned, and the ads were uploaded today to Zillow's YouTube page.

"As we develop features and tools for Zillow, we talk with hundreds of thousands of people every year to understand their challenges, frustrations, hopes and dreams when it comes to finding a home," said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow chief marketing officer. "What we ended up hearing were these deeply personal, yet universally relatable ways people turn a house into their home, and that's what inspired this campaign."

Separately, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) an infographic of what it calls “some dog-gone good information about pets and real estate.” The infographic, which is tied to the 2016 Westminster Dog Show, is titled “Make Your House a Dog House” and offers tips on making a residence canine-friendly – including the use of dark colored furniture to hide dog-generated stains and durable wood floors to avoid scratches when Fido runs about the house.


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