Caliber’s Ultimate Homebuying Experience Targets Less-Than-10 Day Closings

December 8, 2016
Caliber Home Loans has announced a new partnership with FirstFunding, a provider of warehouse facilities for non-delegated correspondent lenders

Caliber Home Loans Inc. has announced the launch of the Caliber Ultimate Homebuying Experience, a streamlined application, approval and closing experience for conventional, government and Caliber portfolio loans. Starting immediately, clients and customers can enjoy a more personalized and efficient process for buying a home.

Caliber created the Ultimate Homebuying Experience to simplify the mortgage process and to reduce stress for Caliber’s clients and customers by combining technological advancements with personalized assistance from Caliber’s LOs and AEs.

The benefits of the Caliber Ultimate Homebuying Experience include:

►A full application process that takes only minutes;

►An electronic verification for some of the most important parts of a mortgage application, including income, assets and employment, which reduces the need for applicants to bring in physical documents;

►An approval and closing that can take less than 10 days on eligible mortgages, which traditionally takes more than 30 days; and

►Personalized assistance from Caliber's LOs and AEs to guide borrowers through the Ultimate Homebuying Experience process.

“We place the consumer experience at the center of all the products and services we offer, and this program underscores that commitment,” said Sanjiv Das, chief executive officer of Caliber Home Loans. “The Caliber Ultimate Homebuying Experience will make mortgage applications, approvals and closings easier and faster and does not impact our robust underwriting guidelines. With our high-touch business model, we think it’s the best of all worlds. We are thrilled to launch this program and look forward to enhancing the homebuying experience for our clients.”