Equity Prime Mortgage Names Eric Skates VP of Marketing

January 19, 2017

Equity Prime Mortgage LLC has named Eric Skates vice president of Marketing. In two years of employment, Eric has already managed many initiatives that have been crucial to the growth of the company, including Pardot B2C Marketing Automation Testing and Implementation, Total Expert Co-Marketing Software testing and the soon full roll out, has tripled the size of his team from one to three, taken marketing activation from five to 30 events, and has gained industry recognition of Equity Prime Mortgage.

Skates has been crucial in developing a brand for the company that has gained recognition in areas such as engagement, retention, diversity, inclusion and work-life balance.

Eric has a strong background in strategic communication holding a bachelor’s degree in communications from Kennesaw State University, and possesses extensive experience with social media presence, marketing campaigns, as well as outgoing communications. He excels in copywriting and holds many years of experience working with budgets, membership, conferences, trade shows and special events.

As VP of Marketing, he will maintain brand recognition and consistency for all the marketing initiatives of Equity Prime’s Atlanta home office and local offices throughout the U.S. Overseeing a myriad of projects, he will coordinate trade shows, local and corporate events, social media management, PR, Web content, SEO and company promotions.