Loan Vision Hosts First Ever User Conference

October 11, 2017
Loan Vision President Martin Kerr
Loan Vision recently hosted a successful first Annual User Conference, held in the firm’s hometown of Pittsburgh. The Conference has produced waves of positive feedback and has driven the team to begin plans to hold a second conference next year.
“Hosting an Annual User Conference is just one effort in the continuation of our commitment to customer experience,” said Carissa Kotyuha, Marketing Communications Manager at Loan Vision. “Organizing an event that brings Loan Vision users together in one space resulted in great conversation, sharing of ideas, and a closer bond between our team and our customers. Seeing the conference plans come to fruition has been very rewarding for us as a team.”
As a part of Bestborn’s drive to help maximize the value of the accounting software investment for Loan Vision users, the User Conference came as a response to popular demand by the software provider’s customer base over the last few years. Attendees experienced sessions hosted by industry guest speakers, as well as Loan Vision team members on specific system functions, including reporting deep dives, reconciliation tools, and commissions management. Four new pieces of functionality were also unveiled to users inside of the sessions.
“Some conferences can spread attendees out too far from one another, but the fact that this conference was organized to keep both tracks in close proximity was a great thing.” said Dan Spiegel, Chief Financial Officer at Atlantic Home Loans.
“The user conference provided an excellent platform to meet fellow users, discuss best practices, and for customers to directly talk with us about the pieces of functionality they want to see in their systems,” said Martin Kerr, President of Loan Vision. “Customer feedback is invaluable to us and we look forward to continuing our hard work to meet the changing needs of the industry and show them all that we’ve done at next year’s event.”
The Executive track featured a highly reviewed leakage management session by Jim Deitch, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teraverde Management Advisors. Jim Cameron, Senior Partner at STRATMOR Group, conducted an inside look at the latest performance of the mortgage banking industry and a town hall session looking at the top challenges and opportunities facing the industry with a panel of CFOs. Richey May & Co.’s Audit Partner Jennifer Hannah hosted two sessions exploring branch reporting and advice on best audit practices.
“The accessibility to the Loan Vision team during the conference was great,” said Justin McDowell, CFO at Vandyk Mortgage, who attended sessions on the Executive track. “Next time, I will definitely be bringing my team and I think it would be beneficial for everyone to do the same.”
Loan Vision recently hosted a successful first Annual User Conference, held in the firm’s hometown of Pittsburgh
Loan Vision Deployment Director Ben Saunders