Equity National Title Unveils e-Ways County Search Site

October 12, 2017
Equity National Title has completed the first fully digital closing to be initiated through its eWays portal
Equity National Title has unveiled its “e-closing” hub for mortgage lenders, dubbed e-Ways, designed to advise of the types of digital closings available at a zip code level.
“Although the promise of the digital mortgage closing is powerful, the reality is that we’re confronting a lot of complexity in what can and cannot be achieved state by state and county by county,” said James K. O’Donnell Esq.; President of Equity National Title. “Some counties may allow for some levels of e-signing but they may not allow a full e-closing. Other counties may not be aligned with state directives when it comes to remote notarization, or they might require the parties to make use of only one specific e-provider. Still other counties won’t accept an e-notarized deed. For lenders wanting to execute an e-closing strategy, especially over a wider geographic footprint especially, it can be dizzying. That’s why we designed e-Ways. It simplifies their decision-making.”
e-Ways will advise users whether the key authorities in each zip code accept none, all or some combination of the four existing types of closing: Fully digital; hybrid; remote notary or traditional.
“The risks, costs and confusion associated with trying to decipher e-capable markets have lenders seeking a better way,” said O’Donnell. “Equity National Title is delighted to provide this service. Our ability to close loans in all 50 states coupled with e-Ways can help lenders e-close nationwide.