Embrace Home Loans Launches New Online Application

Embrace Home Loans Launches New Online Application

October 12, 2017
Embrace Home Loans has received the first-place award for the Top Mortgage Companies in Customer Satisfaction in the Large Division, as provided by SocialSurvey
Embrace Home Loans has announced the launch of its new online mortgage and refinancing application. The new application provides a streamlined process for customers, loan officers and loan processors. It was created by Embrace’s loan officers, IS team and marketing who were asked to create a user-friendly, consumer facing online application, and the primary directive given by executive management was to ensure the best customer experience possible. With customer experience as the focus, Embrace created a digital interface that meets consumers where they are. Users can log on to the application via their mobile phone, at work or at home, and connect directly with their loan officer.
“Embrace’s online application was designed by loan officers and meant to replicate the conversation that occurs when a loan officer is gathering a borrower’s loan information and getting to know their client,” said Meghan Handy, Customer Experience Manager for Embrace Home Loans. “Customers come to Embrace expecting a high level of service, and our new online application process provides them with a seamless digital experience without losing Embrace’s signature, personal touch.”
Embrace’s new online application is now fully functional and in use, and it will continue to evolve as customers and loan officers offer feedback to the company’s developers. Embrace’s team will implement new features based on consumer sentiment to enhance the online application and create the best possible digital experience for its customers.