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FICS Introduces Commercial Servicer .NET Rewrite
Oct 19, 2017
Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc. (FICS) has released a fully rewritten version of its commercial servicing software, Commercial Servicer, to the Microsoft .NET framework

Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc. (FICS) has released a fully rewritten version of its commercial servicing software, Commercial Servicer, to the Microsoft .NET framework. The redesigned software is accompanied by the launch of a new Commercial Servicer API that offers limitless automation. The release of the new Commercial Servicer wraps up a multi-year campaign to upgrade all three of FICS’ flagship software solutions—Loan Producer, Mortgage Servicer, and Commercial Servicer—to the Microsoft .NET framework.
Leveraging advanced technology, FICS has built a completely redesigned system and user interface using the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The new system offers Commercial Servicer users an enhanced user-friendly and feature-rich interface, clearly defined expanded workflows and advanced intuitive navigation, delivering an all-around enhanced user-friendly streamlined, simplified servicing experience.
This new Commercial Servicer also includes shareable services, accessed through FICS’ desktop, web services and online products. Shareable services improve interoperability, portability, security and ease of installation and offer servicers a highly configurable solution capable of scaling to meet the servicer’s specific needs. Additionally, FICS has enhanced the update process by implementing ClickOnce deployment.
Beta testers of the new Commercial Servicer and accompanying API praised the software for its streamlined interface, enhanced functionality and significant time savings. “As a beta tester for the new Commercial Servicer, we’ve been able to test our processes in the new program to make sure everything is working the way it should,” said Michele Cadieux, Vice President of Operations for Heartland Business Services. “That’s a huge benefit for us, since our needs are unique. We’ve been on the front end of system enhancements needed to benefit our customers and borrowers. The new Quick Start menu and the workflow of the Property windows have been a huge time saver for us. It gives us the bulk of the information we need with just one click rather than drilling down through several screens.”
FICS has also introduced Commercial Servicer API. Used in conjunction with an enterprise automation tool or any modern off-the-shelf scheduling tool, Commercial Servicer API enables customers to schedule and automate virtually every program, report and interface in Commercial Servicer such as end-of-day and end-of month reports, investor reporting, and monthly loan statements. The API saves time and resources, eliminates after-hours and weekend work, and reduces mistakes caused by human error.
“As servicing regulations increase and customers expect quicker and more convenient services from their financial institutions, today’s servicers need technology that provides robust automation capabilities and a greater level of accessibility so that they can more effectively manage bulk loan volume and provide the best service to their customers,” said Barry Malone, Senior Vice President of Sales at FICS. “The launch of our revamped Commercial Servicer and roll out of our new Commercial Servicer API solution round out the rewrite of all three of our core products to the .NET Framework and the availability of accompanying servicing system APIs so we can now provide all of our customers with the most powerful, advanced and flexible mortgage software solutions available today.”

Oct 19, 2017
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