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Roostify Unveils New Decision Builder Tool
Oct 20, 2017
Roostify has announced the finalization of its integration with Docutech

Roostify has announced the release of Decision Builder, a new tool that will enable lenders to easily provide their prospective applicants with a clear, easily-digestible view of their loan options, based on the lender’s actual product and pricing system.
“Consumers often approach a home loan with a lot of anxiety, in part because traditionally very little information has been available to them,” said Sandeep Aji, Vice President of Products at Roostify. “It often isn’t clear how much the consumer can actually expect to pay each month, or how much money they will need to close, until very late in the process. With Decision Builder, consumers can get an accurate idea of what to expect before they even fill out an application.”
The Decision Builder tool can be placed on a lender’s existing Web site, and features a handful of dropdown questions, such as desired loan amount, expected downpayment, and ZIP code of the house to be purchased. With that information,
Decision Builder will generate a series of loan options based on the lender’s product and pricing system, showing the consumer what products and rates they would qualify for. Each option is presented in a visual, easy-to-understand interface with clear explanation of the benefit of the loan product. From there, the consumer can more easily evaluate which loan product is right for them.

Oct 20, 2017
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