Vermont Leads Nation for Inbound Migration

Vermont Leads Nation for Inbound Migration

January 2, 2018
When it comes to moving out of state, most people are heading to the Sunshine State and are eager to move away from the Last Frontier
Mortgage professionals on the hunt for new business may want to pay a lot more attention to Vermont and a lot less attention to Illinois, according to United Van Lines’ 41st Annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year.
Vermont topped the list of the states experiencing the greatest level of inbound migration, with nearly 68 percent of the moves to and from the state being inbound. Vermont was also the only Northeast location among the top inbound migration states, which also included by Oregon (65 percent), Idaho (63 percent), Nevada (61 percent) and South Dakota (61 percent).
Among the states experiencing outbound migration, Illinois led the list with 63 percent outbound migration. Other states recording a population exodus were New Jersey (63 percent outbound), New York (61 percent outbound), Connecticut (57 percent outbound) and Kansas (57 percent outbound).
This year’s survey also found the Mountain West states as the most popular destination for retirees, with one in four movers indicating they chose to move to this location for their post-working years Top regions attracting movers taking new jobs included the Midwest (61 percent) and Pacific West (59 percent), while the South saw the largest exodus of residents due to finding jobs elsewhere (61 percent).