Richey May Debuts Cybersecurity Services for Mortgage Firms

Richey May Debuts Cybersecurity Services for Mortgage Firms

March 9, 2018
Richey May has formed a partnership with Amata Solutions to bring customized business intelligence tools to mortgage lenders
Richey May, a Denver-based accounting and advisory firm, has created a cybersecurity services practice designed to help lenders and servicers protect themselves against online fraud and data attacks.
Through Richey May Technology Solutions, the company’s clients can receive an assessment of their IT infrastructure and controls, followed by recommendations on how to improve areas that are deemed vulnerable. Lenders and servicers that do not have in-house cybersecurity professionals can outsource this duty to Richey May.
John-Thomas (J.T.) Gaietto, an information security expert who joined Richey May last fall, has been named executive director of Richey May Technology Solutions.
"No industry works with as much sensitive consumer data than the mortgage industry," Gaietto said. "They have everything about a borrower's finances, from paystubs to tax returns to the Social Security numbers of their children. They're also required to retain this data for years, which compounds the challenges of storing it securely and keeping it out of the hands of cybercriminals."