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Docutech Partners With Cre8Tech Lab’s Lender Price Digital Lending
Apr 13, 2018
Docutech announced that LendingQB has integrated Docutech’s Solex eClosing solution to enable digital closing with eClosing, eNote and eVault functionality

Docutech has announced a collaboration with Cre8tech Labs Inc., a provider of digital lending technology, mortgage pricing, and pricing analytics technology to the consumer lending industry. The collaboration will support integration between Cre8tech’s Lender Price Digital Lending platform and Docutech’s document and eSignature technology solutions to provide lenders and borrowers with a more streamlined digital origination process starting at the point of sale.
Lenders using Cre8tech’s Digital Lending platform can automate and digitize the loan application experience, including digital asset and income, credit and employment verification for a more convenient, expedited loan origination process for borrowers. Once integrated with Docutech, Lender Price Digital Lending customers will have access to eSign and eDelivery functionality powered by Docutech’s all-in-one eSigning solution, Solex. Lenders will enjoy seamless delivery of electronic initial disclosures to borrowers, and borrowers will enjoy receiving, reviewing, and signing their documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
“Our integration with Docutech helps us to round out the digital experience that our clients trust us to provide”, said Cre8tech Labs Chief Executive Officer Jerry Halbrook. “Moving forward, electronic document procurement and e-signature will help our clients streamline the cumbersome back end processes that exist today. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Docutech to provide these capabilities to our joint customers.”
This integration will also enable Lender Price Digital Lending customers to access accurate and compliant loan disclosures for all 50 states directly in their digital platform via integration with Docutech’s dynamic document generation engine, ConformX, further enhancing operational efficiency for the lender and speed and convenience for the borrower.
“Docutech is consistently seeking new ways to provide today’s lenders with digital solutions that will enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in a consumer market that expects convenience and instant access,” said Amy Brandt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Docutech. “Our partnership with Lender Price allows us to further extend the benefits of digital mortgage solutions to the point of sale to help our lender customers better serve their borrowers.”

Apr 13, 2018
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