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BNTouch and LendingQB Announce Integration Between Platforms
Sep 08, 2018
Finicity has announced an integration with LendingQB

LendingQB and BNTouch have announced a full integration between their two platforms, offering mortgage lenders a solution to grow their businesses from lead generation through loan origination and funding, seamlessly connecting all parts of a lender’s business. The systems communicate through a custom API integration that passes more than 300 points of data between the two systems.
A potential borrower completes an online loan application on a Loan Officer’s Web site and the 1003 is placed as a lead into the Loan Officer’s BNTouch CRM. Once the Loan Officer initiates the loan process in LendingQB, the API integration kicks in.
LendingQB synchronizes data with the BNTouch CRM as the borrower’s loan initiates and completes each step of the loan process, ensuring real-time consistency of data between the two platforms. Unique messaging capabilities of BNTouch allow loan officers to automatically notify their borrowers of any updates on their loan via e-mail or SMS text messaging.
“One of the biggest gaps that lenders tell us is the inability of their LOS to work in tandem with their CRM,” said Aidan Paringer, Director of Marketing at BNTouch. “We worked closely with LendingQB to identify those gaps and create an integration that connects the lead generation process with the underwriting and closing process. We believe that our integration allows mortgage lenders to improve both the speed and the quality of the mortgage experience.”
Communication between LendingQB and BNTouch allows for real-time automated marketing to take place between the Loan Officer and their borrowers without the LO having to lift a finger.
“BNTouch has been a great partner of ours because they understood how LendingQB is different,” said David Colwell, Vice President of Strategy at LendingQB. “When we showed them our API they took full advantage of it and as a result, their product adds more value when used in conjunction with LendingQB. Their platform pulls more data from our LOS than any other CRM product, allowing for greater automation and easier access to the information that lenders and borrowers need. Ensuring your LOS and CRM are deeply integrated can give lenders the advantage they need to survive in today’s tough environment.”

Sep 08, 2018
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