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Warren Changes Mind on 2020 Run

Phil Hall
Oct 01, 2018

After insisting that she was not running for president in 2020, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is now reconsidering her options.
In March, stated on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the White House was not in her future. "I am not running for president in 2020," said Warren. "I am in this fight to retain my Senate seat in 2018. That's where I'm focused. That's where I'm going to stay focused. I'm not running for president."
However, this weekend Warren took to Twitter with a reminder why one should never say “never.” Warren tweeted: “It’s time for women to go to Washington & fix our broken gov't. That includes a woman at the top. Today at a town hall in Holyoke, Marty, a Springfield teacher, asked where things stand with me running for President in 2020. I told him: after Nov 6th, I'll take a hard look at it.”
In recent weeks, Warren has been unilaterally churning out legislation that some political observers believe can be used as the foundation for a potential presidential campaign platform. In August, she offered the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act that would create the U.S. Office of Public Integrity, a proposed federal agency designed to monitor and, when applicable, penalize former government officials who try to profit from their public service by becoming lobbyists. Last week, she debuted the American Housing and Mobility Act, which she presented as a tool to increase housing affordability for renters and homeowners while creating new housing opportunities by government-funded construction; this legislation would also expand the Community Reinvestment Act’s regulatory oversight to a wider scope of financial services companies.
Oct 01, 2018