Mnuchin: I’m Not Leaving

Mnuchin: I’m Not Leaving

December 19, 2018
Five days after he insisted that he would go forward with President Trump’s plan to nominate him for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, Herman Cain has opted to take himself out of consideration
While the Executive Branch hierarchy may seem like a revolving door, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin insisted that he plans to stay in his job through the 2020 presidential election and maybe into a second Trump term.
In an interview with Bloomberg, Mnuchin insisted, “I foresee myself here at least through the first term and if the president wants me here for a second term when he’s re-elected, I would seriously entertain that.”
Mnuchin added that he was happy at the Treasury and was not seeking a new opportunity within the administration. Several press reports speculated that Mnuchin would replace John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff, but that vacancy is being filled on an acting basis by Office and Management Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who just finished a one-year term as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.