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Mortgage Consultancy BlackFin Group Launched

Phil Hall
May 09, 2019
BlackFin Group Logo

A new consulting firm focused on mortgage banking and financial services has been launched.
Irvine, Calif.-based BlackFin Group is promoting itself as offering a “wide-range of management consulting services that cost effectively solves multifaceted business problems, identifies untapped business opportunities and successfully implements positive organizational change.” Keith Kemph, a former director at Merrill Lynch and managing partner at ShadowPoint Consulting, is the founder and CEO of this new firm.
“I founded BlackFin with the underlying concept that clients should have complete confidence in fixed pricing and full visibility into where the project is at all times,” said Kemph. “All too often, projects can get out of hand from a cost and focus perspective, failing to deliver on expectations. At BlackFin, we’re on a mission to prevent prolonged engagements, unexpected costs and project disappointments. We are laser-focused on building a reputation and brand that is known to be on target, on time and on budget – with every project, every client and with the promise of stellar results.”

May 09, 2019