ServiceLink Introduces EXOS One Marketplace

ServiceLink Introduces EXOS One Marketplace

September 25, 2019
ServiceLink has introduced the EXOS One Marketplace, a state-of-the-art platform that delivers a seamless method for mortgage servicers to more efficiently manage default portfolios. Transformative technology incorporates the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics to more accurately project costs, determine and compare evolving disposition paths, decrease turn times, mitigate risk and maximize returns.
Leveraging the power of ServiceLink’s EXOS Technologies platform, EXOS One Marketplace delivers unprecedented visibility and an entirely new way of managing portfolios. It provides a comprehensive view of the status of assets held in a portfolio along with predictive modeling, data and analytics to make informed decisions in the event of a default. The new marketplace will consolidate seamless ordering of critical services like title, valuations, auction and field services through one integrated provider. Services can be ordered as needed for individual loans or in mass for a larger quantity. The platform allows servicers to more efficiently manage actual and predicted timelines, accurately project costs, model optimal outcomes, and determine best disposition paths, ultimately maximizing potential while minimizing losses and decreasing turn times.
“EXOS One Marketplace transforms traditional default servicing operations and leverages the power of both EXOS and ServiceLink’s diverse set of services,” said Miriam Moore, president of default services. “With a propriety blend of personalized performance dashboards and workflow management, EXOS One Marketplace is able to deliver ease, efficiency and increased performance to servicers.”