Cloudvirga Forms Partnership With EXOS to Reduce Closing Times

Cloudvirga Forms Partnership With EXOS to Reduce Closing Times

September 26, 2019
Cloudvirga has announced that Supreme Lending will provide Cloudvirga’s technology to its loan officers and consumers to power the digital mortgage process
Cloudvirga has announced the integration of EXOS real-time appraisal, closing, and signing technology into its Digital Mortgage Platform. The partnership enables Cloudvirga to leverage EXOS’ cloud-based technology to streamline mortgage processes, like appraisal, title closing, and scheduling, into a seamless mobile experience for both borrowers and mortgage lenders.
“By adding the EXOS technology to Cloudvirga’s digital mortgage tech stack, we’ve managed to accomplish something that’s unheard of in the mortgage industry–a fully digital consumer and originator experience from end-to-end,” said Daniel Sogorka, chief executive officer at Cloudvirga. “Our goal has always been to make the mortgage process as painless and straight-forward as possible for both mortgage lenders and their customers. This partnership is a testament to that commitment.”
The EXOS integration gives lenders using Cloudvirga the ability to better-manage their pipelines, close deals faster, and boost consumer loyalty and satisfaction by providing loan officers access to various parts of the lending process that had been previously disjointed.
“Cloudvirga shares our commitment to improving the customer and loan officer relationship with technology that simplifies and streamlines the mortgage process,” said Kiran Vattem, executive vice president, chief digital and technology officer for ServiceLink. “EXOS Technologies is focused on improving the historically manual and disconnected aspects of the mortgage manufacturing process that have previously not been addressed. Our mutual focus on efficiency and cost savings while changing the mortgage origination landscape makes for the perfect partnership.”