New Fund to Acquire Land for Homebuilding

New Fund to Acquire Land for Homebuilding

December 16, 2019
Photo credit: Getty Images/Kwangmoozaa
Walton Global Holdings Ltd., a Phoenix-based real estate investment and land asset company, is launching its first Builder Option Land Development fund (the BOLD Fund) with an investment objective of acquiring land for future sale to homebuilders.
According to the company, the fund will acquire properties identified by large volume homebuilders for near term residential development projects through a predetermined exit strategy. The land would be sold to those same builders in phases, with an adjustable takedown schedule and flexible payment options. BOLD Fund investors are anticipated to receive annual distributions as homes are developed and sold by the builders, the company added.
“Our new BOLD Fund provides homebuilders with a land acquisition opportunity to work alongside an international real estate investment and asset management company for securing a land pipeline with a minor upfront capital contribution impact, during what we see as the biggest housing demand in recent history,” said Bill Doherty, CEO of Walton Global Holdings.