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RE/MAX Enables Agents to Create Custom Commercials

Phil Hall
Feb 10, 2020
Photo credit: Getty Images/B4LLS

RE/MAX is now offering its real estate agents the ability to create customer, professional-quality commercials to promote their residential listings.
The company, working in partnership with the agency Camp + King, has added a tool to its RE/MAX Hustle website that offers preloaded home features and customizable text and photo options for the marketing of properties. Agents can choose up three features per individual video.
"Keeping the customer's needs front and center, we developed an industry-first tool for agents to use on behalf of home sellers," said Abby Lee, RE/MAX senior vice president for marketing and communications. "In a recent survey we conducted in partnership with Camp + King, 'marketing my home' was the stage of the home-selling process where sellers most needed the expertise of their agent. Agents can now more fully address that need by creating high-quality videos that promote the features of all their listings, like energy efficiency and an open floorplan, to better market the property."
"No two listings are the same, so we've made this commercial generator customizable to show off the unique aspects of a seller's property that make it a home," added Emily Dillow, director of brand management and junior partner at Camp + King.

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