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National Mortgage Professional Magazine Presents 2020’s Top Mortgage Employers

Mar 16, 2020
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National Mortgage Professional Magazine is proud to announce its annual list of Top Mortgage Employers. We polled our readers about their employers based on the following criteria: Compensation, Speed, Marketing support, Technology, Corporate culture, Long-term strategy, Day-to-day management, Internal communications, Training resources, Industry participation, and Innovation.
Based the above criteria, we weighted factors that are more important to our readers (i.e. our readers told us that factors like corporate culture was considerably more important to them than speed of company), collected votes and factored in industry reputation to create a list of 2020’s Top Mortgage Employers.

Mortgage Lenders: Regional (26-500 MLOs)

Christensen Financial
Web site:
Phone #: (407) 869-0008          
Who excels at this company? Entrepreneurial originators who need a solutions-oriented support team behind them.

Delmar Mortgage
Web site:
Phone #: (314) 434-7000          
Who excels at this company? Knowledgeable mortgage loan originators who can convey proper expectations to clients and trust the office support to handle the rest.

Direct Mortgage Loans
Phone #: (888) 604-2525          
Who excels at this company? We believe that a solution-focused, positive attitude drives extraordinary results.

Equity Resources
Web site:
Phone #: (800) 270-7082         
Who excels at this company? Service-driven individuals who are passionate about helping to improve the lives of families in the modern technology era.

 Family First Funding
Web site:
Phone #: (800) 542-7895         
Who excels at this company? Employees with the motivation to learn and grow will excel and reach their full potential at Family First Funding.


FBC Mortgage
Web site:
Phone #: (407) 872-3383         
Who excels at this company? Anyone at Team FBC has the ability to reach their full potential, whether you are in sales, operations or administration.

First Guaranty
Web site:
Phone #: (703) 556-3333         
Who excels at this company? Self-starters who are passionate about helping borrowers reach their mortgage goals.


Web site:
Phone #: (703) 273-2600        
Who excels at this company? Goal-setting and effective communication allows every employee the opportunity to further advance their expertise.

Web site:
Phone #: (888) 696-1344       
Who excels at this company? Technology-focused individuals who are driven to always improve the customer experience.

Phone #: (888) 391-8237       
Who excels at this company? Our loan originators, as we work hard to help them with their marketing needs and training (onboarding, leadership, training, etc.).


Inlanta Mortgage
Web site:
Phone #: (877) 326-5626       
Who excels at this company? Top originators looking to focus on what they do best—sales—while being supported to build and better their business.

Phone #: (800) 700-4JET        
Who excels at this company? Originators who are driven to excellence in customer experience.

Phone #: (847) 296-5757        
Who excels at this company? Individuals who are continuously improving to become the best version of themselves and are excited to have their best year.

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 964-5363        
Who excels at this company? Conscientious, hard-working employees who consistently go the extra mile to provide uniquely-personalized service to their clients and colleagues.

Web site:
Phone #: (781) 309-1800
Who excels at this company? Employees who work as a team and are willing to share ideas to make the workplace better!

Web site:
Phone #: (888) 793-6470       
Who excels at this company? Motivated individuals who are dedicated to providing its customers the courteous one-on-one attention they deserve, every step of the way.

Phone #: (877) 816-1220       
Who excels at this company? Success-focused individuals who root themselves in the company culture and put the customer first over everything else.

NewFed_MortgageWeb site:
Phone #: (781) 241-1200       
Who excels at this company?  Producing loan officers strive at NewFed Mortgage because they offer an extreme amount of management support and administration support.

Web site:
Phone #: (888) 233-0092       
Who excels at this company?  Loan originators who embrace technology to provide a better customer experience, while assuring a personal touch in every home purchase.

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 383-3355        
Who excels at this company? Sales managers keep Penrith mortgage consultants encouraged and provide support to help better serve its clients.

Phone #: (844) 358-8163        
Who excels at this company? Branch managers and MLOs seeking growth through the industry's best onboarding and a full support business model.

Phone #: (866) 831-5111        
Who excels at this company? Dynamic individuals who are dedicated to providing an extraordinary mortgage experience by exceeding client expectations one loan at a time.

Web site:
Phone #: (781) 742-6500      
Who excels at this company? Radius employs some pretty cool people who work as hard as they play, frequently volunteering their time and energy to benefit the communities in which they live and work.

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 640-0753      
Who excels at this company? Technology-comfortable individuals who are motivated to provide an excellent borrower residential mortgage experience.

Phone #: (855) 549-7001      
Who excels at this company? Someone willing to challenge the status quo. Always looking for a better way and different and bring in more loans!

Phone #: (800) 447-3386      
Who excels at this company? Any Sierra Pacific Mortgage employee that champions the company motto: Promises Made. Promises Kept. Everyday. Every Customer.

Phone #: (734) 259-0880      
Who excels at this company? Loan officers who want more loans to come in and want somebody else to chase conditions and put out fires.

Phone #:  (425) 576-5462      
Who excels at this company? Washington First Mortgage values teamwork, respect and motivation. We strive for growing knowledge inspire ourselves as well as those around us.

Wallick _Volk
Web site:
Phone #: (800) 280-8655      
Who excels at this company? Top mortgage advisors focused on providing an exceptional customer experience.


Mortgage Lenders: Larger (More than 500 MLOs)

Phone #: (800) 660-8664      
Who excels at this company? Purpose-driven mortgage professionals who want to grow both personally and professionally.

Web site:
Phone #: (888) 636-7573      
Who excels at this company? Entrepreneurs who love to grow, learn, have the freedom and autonomy to do business their way with full support.

Web site:
Phone #: (916) 960-1325     
Who excels at this company? Employees who make it their personal mission to deliver the best possible loan experience and solutions to their borrower.

Web site:
Phone #: (925) 983-3000     
Who excels at this company? Innovative originators looking to try new programs and products to grow their market share.

Phone #: (949) 390-2688     
Who excels at this company? Mortgage professionals who are focused on technology and customer services.

Web site:
Phone #: (888) 673-5521    
Who excels at this company? Make your job as big as you can—contribute, add value, achieve!

Web site:
Phone #: (866) 776-4937   
Who excels at this company? Employees who embrace PRMG’s core philosophies to help provide its customers with an enhanced experience through better technology, pricing and service!

Phone #: (800) 255-2792   
Who excels at this company? Driven originators who thrive under the freedom to run their own business, but want the support of a nationwide company.

Web site:
Phone #: (855) 953-2453   
Who excels at this company? Go-getters and team-players, going above-and-beyond to make the borrower happy, and those leveraging technology-automation to enhance the borrower experience.


Mortgage Lenders: Independent (Less than 25 MLOs)

Web site:
Phone #: (860) 432-5858   
Who excels at this company? Motivated individuals who are dedicated to providing superior customer service and thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

Phone #: (586) 783-7900   
Who excels at this company? Team-oriented originators with a self-sourced business line, driven to excel in superior customer service.

Phone #: (503) 496-0431   
Who excels at this company? Those with internal motivation and unrelenting integrity who see the digital future and wish to thrive as an independent mortgage broker.

Service Providers—Services and Other Non-Originators (More than 20 Employees)

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 858-1598   
Who excels at this company? Employees who go above and beyond are always praised by team members and rewarded by the executive team.

Phone #: (248) 955-9580   
Who excels at this company? Class Valuation looks for employees who are passionate and believe in going the extra mile for its customers.

Web site:
Phone #: (770) 380-6970   
Who excels at this company? Individuals dedicated to customer service excellence and professional growth who value teamwork and the unique culture excel at Credit Plus.

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 649-1362   
Who excels at this company? Employees who thrive at DocMagic are smart, tech-savvy, highly-motivated, service-oriented and take extreme pride in what they do.

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 554-1872   
Who excels at this company? Thorough, thoughtful, fun-loving, tech-savvy individuals with a passion for customer service.

Web site:
Phone #: (619) 543-5111   
Who excels at this company? Team players who collaborate and help one another, and are laser-focused on providing excellence in lender client support. Out-of-the-box thinkers.


Web site:
Phone #: (561) 655-6418   
Who excels at this company? OpenClose is big on hiring staff that has experience working at both mortgage lenders and mortgage technology vendors.

Web site:
Phone #: (949) 525-9000   
Who excels at this company? Quandis has an unwavering desire to innovate, charge ahead, navigate through new terrain and deliver superb mortgage technology solutions.

Web site:
Phone #: (651) 352-4400   
Who excels at this company? Professionals committed to staying ahead of the curve in this industry and helping lenders succeed in non-QM excel at Verus Mortgage Capital.


Wholesale Lenders

Web site:
Phone #: (305) 760-7000   
Who excels at this company? Individuals who are driven to provide exceptional customer service and a memorable experience for all parties.

Phone #: (240) 314-0399   
Who excels at this company? The employee that excels is the employee who effectively communicates and sets the right level of expectation.

Web site:
Phone #: (855) 539-4910   
Who excels at this company? Those who excel ask smart questions and listen. They know their products to get to the closing table quickly.

Web site:
Phone #: (949) 517-5569  
Who excels at this company? Carrington Mortgage Services is a broker- and banker-focused organization that delivers exceptional loan solutions, customer experience and results to our partners.

Phone #: (800) 945-7000  
Who excels at this company? Innovative, customer-focused, relationship builders with a passion for delivering the best solutions while developing and utilizing best of breed technology.


Web site:
Phone #: (213) 235-4204  
Who excels at this company? Employees who focus on making everyone around them successful in the company goals, mutually achieve beneficial goals.

Web site:
Phone #: (732) 738-7100  
Who excels at this company? Self-starters and driven salespeople thrive at REMN!

Web site:
Phone #: (800) 981-8898  
Who excels at this company? Driven, team players who demonstrate a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and are committed to delivering elite client service.

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