David Schroeder Explains How Clarity And Confidence Will Get You Through COVID-19

David Schroeder Explains How Clarity And Confidence Will Get You Through COVID-19

April 24, 2020
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The latest episode of the Mortgage Leadership Outlook series featured David Schroeder, executive vice president, third-party originations at Caliber Home Loans Inc., as he sat down with series host Andrew Berman, head of engagement and outreach for National Mortgage Professional magazine. He gave a cautionary note about where the industry could be heading.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose challenges for the mortgage industry, the Mortgage Leadership Outlook series is designed to help you, the mortgage professional, navigate the evolution of the industry as it copes with the effects of the Coronavirus.
“What seems really bad today, and it is, could get worse. There’s a plausible scenario that things could get worse over the next couple of months,” said Schroeder. While he says he doesn’t wish for that to happen, Caliber is operating as if it could happen in order to be prepared for their team members, their customers and their partners.
Schroeder joined Caliber in January 2020, from ServiceMac, where he served as EVP of marketing and retention and enhanced ServiceMac's overall brand and retention capabilities. Prior to ServiceMac, Schroeder was at Quicken Loans, where he led the third-party originations channel and developed core strategies for channel differentiation, increased market share and implemented a customer-focused culture.
Schroeder also discussed his company’s approach to dealing with the pandemic, staying educated, the confusion related to forbearance programs, how technology has impacted the industry and much more.

More Highlights From The Interview

►“I think that what’s important for people to understand is look, everybody is going to have their own strategy, the main thing is to make sure that you know who you are and that you understand and your team understands why you are making the decisions that you are.”
►He says Caliber has really doubled down on the education in their company. Account executives are urged to get in front of brokers and educate them on what is going on in the industry. Schroeder also said that the company is also urging folks to educate customers as well.
►“Clarity and confidence. I think that’s what it comes down to. As a loan officer you’re a leader. You’re leading your customers to the best possible decision and that’s what leaders do, provide clarity and confidence in troubled times.”
►“I think that the rules of engagement really are the same as they always have. It’s perpetually just different ways that we engage,” said Schroeder. “In our business marketing is education. Every account executive is only as good as what they can really teach and share with broker partners. Whether that’s education about what’s going on with forbearance right now and how they can participate in that, education about if now a product set is gone that used to be there and hey, here’s what I’m seeing with other broker partners and how their transitioning their business so we can help with that.”
Check out the entire chat between Schroeder and Berman in the video below.
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