NCRA Partners On New Products For Consumers

NCRA Partners On New Products For Consumers

July 6, 2020
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New Vista Solutions has partnered with IncentiFind to create two new products: The Quick Summary and The Green Report. They are designed to help property owners take advantage of cost-saving incentives for their new construction or renovation projects that incorporate energy-efficient measures and upgrades.
New Vista Solutions has provided settlement services products to mortgage lenders since 2007. IncentiFind houses and maintains the nation’s only comprehensive database of more than 12,000 government and utility-backed real estate and home improvement incentives. Their new products make it easier for property owners (both residential and commercial) to find incentives. Mortgage lenders are benefiting from their role as a distribution channel.
The National Consumer Reporting Association is working with New Vista and IncentiFind to bring The Quick Summary and The Green Report to credit reporting agencies. They can offer the reports to property managers who are looking for ways to save energy, and to their lender customers who will, in turn, make the information available to their borrowers.
“We believe The Quick Summary and The Green Report present a unique opportunity for credit reporting agencies to strengthen relationships with their lender customers while adding value to their services and benefiting from added revenue in the process — and we’re helping property owners save money and promote energy efficiency,” said Terry Clemans, executive director at the National Consumer Reporting Association.
The Quick Summary provides a high-level overview of real estate and home improvement incentives based on the property’s address. It is designed to be a low-pricepoint marketing tool for lenders who are promoting home equity products to existing borrowers with tappable equity; seeking new customers who need to finance home renovations; or working with property owners who are constructing or renovating commercial buildings. It makes the borrower aware of cost-saving incentives they might not otherwise know about, introduces them to The Green Report, and strengthens the lender/borrower relationship.
The Green Report provides a detailed, property-specific list of real estate and home improvement incentives available to a property owner. It is designed to inform property owners of incentives they are eligible for and to assist them in applying to the incentives that help lower costs of the improvements / construction.
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