Hanson Talks Taking Control Of Your Success

Hanson Talks Taking Control Of Your Success

October 29, 2020
Photo Alec Hanson and quote from MLO episode.

Alec Hanson, senior vice president, production, for loanDepot, appeared on Wednesday's Mortgage Leadership Outlook. He joined series' host Andrew Berman, head of engagement and outreach for National Mortgage Professional magazine as they discussed lessons learned this year that will last most originator's careers, what separates the average MLO from the top 1%, how local originators can win digital customers, what it takes for originators that lack the resources of a company that provides content, and more.

Hanson started in a strip mall as a mortgage company receptionist. He was a top 1% originator every year he originated. He stepped into leadership and management as senior vice president, production for loanDepot. He is the author of Bypassed: A Modern Guide for Local Mortgage Pros Left Behind by the Digital Customer and the host of Modern Mortgage Lending Podcast where he shows originators how to change their business to work in the digital-first environment.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Hanson loves the industry because you get to decide your success. Additionally, you creatively problem-solve while helping borrowers secure a home and realize their goals of homeownership.
  • “Our business is hard; you’ve got to push through. You can tell who the great originators are because they’re continuing to work on skills that are going to benefit them in the long run,” said Hanson, when describing what distinguishes the top 1% in the industry. “Sure, they’re scooping up refis because if they’re successful they should. But they’re still building a brand, they’re still doing a ton of purchase business; they’re not forsaking that. Their eye is focused on the future.”
  • “What everyone forgets is, the harder you work, you build musculature and you actually work more effectively and better over time. You can burn the candles from both ends, but what’s happening is you’re getting stronger, you’re getting stronger mentally, you’re getting stronger with execution and you’re becoming more efficient.”
  • “I used to hear all the time, ‘Alec, I see you everywhere. Your mailer is in my box every month. You’re at every event. You’re always here. You’re the affiliate of the year’ and I went, ‘Oh, my God, the same opportunity is happening right now digitally.’” He asked himself why he and his loan officers weren’t playing the same game because it was all prospecting and marketing at this point.
  • There is no limit when it comes to resources on the internet for learning how to propel your business. He believes that you don’t need to be fancy in order to do something that pushes you to the next level. You can start with a mobile phone then up your game step-by-step.
  • “You don’t need a Super Bowl budget to dominate social media in your community.”

Check out the full video between Hanson and Berman below.

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