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New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Are resolutions worth the hype?

Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano
New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Jan. 1! The start of a new year, a new chapter … the beginning of this year’s resolutions for many. Some people flock to the gym, cut down on TV time, participate in “dry January,” and some treat it like any other day. Are resolutions worth the hype? Or is it better to strive for improvements, trying new things or finding joy regardless of what day is on the calendar?

I once was part of the resolution hype; each year I vowed to stick to something all year. “That’s it, this is the year.” What I found was within four-to-six weeks the motivation had waned and I totally did what I do every year, not follow through. Maybe it’s the pressure or the time of year it falls on (COLD AND MISERABLE ON THE EAST COAST) to make things stick … not sure. But for me. I am a NAY when it comes to resolutions. I think we all should work to make some improvements or find joy in things regardless of the time of year.

I asked some of my #mortgagemom friends if they voted for resolutions:

Leora A Ruzin

Leora A Ruzin, CMB, AMP — SVP of Lending. Coloramo Federal Credit Union, calls them “life enhancements.” She promises to be present in every moment as it is happening and be more mindful of how her presence affects those around her, including her family. She often gets so hyper-focused on the future that she misses out on the moments right in front of her that are meaningful and impactful.

Laila Khan

Laila Khan, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Guidance Residential, is focusing on making change in each facet of her life: professionally, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally — all around — in hopes that this strengthens her ability to engage in more valuable connections, learn more, grow more, give back more, and live more.

Suha Zehl

Suha Zehl, Chief Innovation Officer with BlackFin Group, stopped making new year’s resolutions in her 30s because she realized that setting goals once a year then failing was causing her more harm than good. Instead, she focuses on creating lasting change by truly knowing what her purpose is and following through on incremental goals that help her fulfill that purpose.

Molly Dowdy

Molly Dowdy, Co-Founder, NEXT Mortgage Events, wants to try to stop time. That’s going to be a hard one! She is going to try harder to live in the present moment, appreciate “down time," and plan for more “do nothing” days with her kids. Whatever makes it seem like time is moving slow — that’s what she wants to do in 2022!

In closing …

If you are a believer — you do you! Each of us has to follow the beat of our drum. Don’t make resolutions without an action plan. Write things down. Use reminders on your phone or sticky notes. But whatever you do, don’t forget that you can do this without the change of a calendar year.

Cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022!

Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano

Ashley Gravano is vice president of product solutions at Mortgage Cadence.

Published on
Feb 10, 2022


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