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Christian Plocica, The Mortgage Broker And Pizza Connoisseur

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One of the things I love about being a mortgage broker is how you can inject your personality into your work. On our inaugural show, we’ll be meeting one of those big personalities in Christian Plocica, of VIP Mortgage.  We’re going to talk about Christian’s major leaps of faith that brought him where he is now – plus pizza, Brooklyn, and the power of relationships. Tune in now, and welcome to Build-A-Broker™: The Journey, airing every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

Build-A-Broker™: The Journey is a Mortgage News Network production, in collaboration with Originator Connect Network, and sponsored by Rocket Pro TPO. To learn more about Build-A-Broker™ events and workshops near you, visit

Sponsored by Rocket Pro TPO
Jun 07, 2022